Promotion of psychological services, counseling, medical, clinical services support to the poor & needy.

Paying particular attention to those with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, with a view to promote their care, support, self-respect & dignity.

Promotion of self employment for the unemployed, educated, poor, women, youths and artisans by means of vocational training, Skill Development on different trades based on need, interest and market potentiality.

Promotion Excursion tours & travels services which is an educational program designed with dual objectives to sensitize the students of schools,colleges towards an experience of "on-the-spot learning with pleasure" and exploring the spectrum of environmental, geographical, historical, biological, scientific, social and cultural facts and patterns in India.

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Nagri Hospital and Research Center
Qualified Medical Services

PEACE Educational Tours and Travels Program
Education and Excursion

PEACE Innovations
The innovation in technology for Social Needs



To assist and work for the cultural, intellectual and moral development without any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or community.

To make efforts for the cultural, intellectual physical and moral development of the boys and girls.

To establish the health centre, school, handicrafts centers cottage industries small industries for making the women, particularly the poor and helpless women, self-dependent and making arrangements for the training.

To make arrangements for the extension, propagation and exhibition of the education related to music, singing and drawing arts.

To impart better education through the school, high schools, study centre and the libraries.

To make efforts for providing health facilities in the remote and scheduled places where people need them.

To make steps in the direction of protecting and preserving the natural environment.
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